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Welcome To UASManage

Manage your UAS fleet with ease and simplicity!

UASManage was created by a pilot in a public saftey agency to help manage their fleet!

Designed with
the UAS administrator in mind.

Track all aspects of your fleet!


Track pilots, UAS licenses, renewal dates, trainings, certifications, and more!


Track UAS, assigned pilots, and registration numbers!


Track batteries and serial numbers!


Track an assortment of equipment, how many items you have on hand, and view a log of equipment assignments!


Superior tracking abilities

Track your equipment as you assign and re-assign from pilot to pilot.


Your equipment has nowhere to hide

Know where your equipment is at, at all the times

Training & Certifications

Stay in the know with your pilots

Track pilot progress and experience


Maintenance logs on the fly

Generate maintenance logs, assign them to a UAS, and view them anytime

Simple user interface

Navigate the dashboard with ease

No extra complicated features

Carefully designed

Simple user interface that can be accessed with ease on any device.

Insider Information

Created and maintained by a UAS Administrator.

Track Everything

Track all aspects of your fleet.


We listen! Send your feedback and requests, and we will see what we can do!

Testimonial's coming soon! We are still new!

Meet our Team Members

Matthew Drennan
CEO-Founder / Developer

Frequently asked questions

How much is UASManage?

Currently UASManage is free while it is being developed. Take advantage today!

How much data can I input into UASManage?

Currently, you can input unlimited data for free!

What does the UASManage stack look like?

UASManage uses ReactJS on the frontend and NodeJS on the backend.

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